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  "The Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism"


The Professor Master of Nothingness, acting as Universal Tao Publications and Tao Gardens Project Manager, has managed formatting, layout, coordinating, and editing the completion of 55 Universal Healing Tao Books with another fifteen books to go to complete the Universal Healing Tao System. The Professor also personally converted the over 240 formulas from the Universal Healing Tao books into the Chi Cards format (Six Decks of twenty 3x5 cards) for his personal practice and for teaching his fellow students practical techniques for their daily practice.


After ten years, the Master of Nothingness is finally coming out of his Southern Oregon Mountain Retreat Sanctuary. The Professor has agreed to teach all the instructor techniques of the Basic UHT (I-III), Iron Shirt (I-III), and Kan & Li (I-III) practices learned directly from Master Mantak Chia.  The instructors and serious students will learn all technical aspects of the formulas found in the Universal Healing Tao books. They will learn why we practice the formulas and how to properly practice and teach the formulas to students so they will continue to practice them. This information comes from over thirty years of daily practice after personally taking over 600 of Master Chia’s Workshops and teaching over 500 individual students and over 5,000 students in-group workshops while teaching on tour with Master Chia from 1994 through 2000.


This is the second time this course will be available to certify Universal Healing Tao instructors, who will learn how to upgrade their certifications from the Professor who helped design the Universal Healing Tao Certification system. It is the Professor’s wish to share these understandings of the Universal Healing Tao System with his fellow instructors and serious students of the Universal Healing Tao before he retires from active teaching and goes into his cave for his personal Immortal Ascension.


The Professor’s Bio:


Born after World War I and growing up in the Midwest area of the United States, this student of the Tao started studying directly under Master Mantak Chia in 1984. He became a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao in August 1993 (specializing on one on one training to over 500 students). In December 1994 this Senior Instructor moved to Tao Garden, Thailand, after liquidating all his US assets and assisted Master Mantak Chia in building Tao Garden Taoist Training Center.  For the next six years this student of the Tao traveled to over 30 countries teaching with Master Mantak Chia and serving as Marketing and Construction Coordinator for the Tao Garden. Upon completion of Tao Garden in December, 1998 he became Project Manager (winters) for Universal Tao Publications’ books and products (coordinating the completion of an additional 48 book titles). With the purchase of a mountain having four waterfalls in Southern Oregon, USA (6/15/1998) this practitioner is presently (summers) completing a Taoist Mountain Sanctuary for personal cultivation, Higher Level Immortal Tao practices and ascension.  


This student of the Tao is the co-author of twelve Universal Healing Tao books with Master Chia as follows: “Living in the Tao”, “Sexual Reflexology”, “Cosmic Detox”, “Cosmic Astrology”, “Cosmic Nutrition”, “Emerald River”, “Universal Healing Tao Formulas I”, “Prostate Chi Kung”, “Uterus Chi Kung”, “Chi Nei Ching”, “Multi-Orgasmic Teen”, “Sealing of the Five Senses”, and co-creator of the Universal Tao Formula Cards, “Chi Cards” (6 sets of over 240 formulas) with Master Mantak Chia under the pen name the “The Professor - Master of Nothingness”, the Myth that takes the Mystery out of Mysticism. The Professor is also presently working on the future UHT books with Master Chia as follows: “Universal Healing Tao Formulas II” (Book II of the Chi Cards), “Ending into the Beginning” (personal ascension book) and an additional 6 sets of “Chi Cards” with over 240 formulas with Master Mantak Chia in completing the Universal Healing Tao System. William U. Wei also known as Wei Tzu, which is a pen name for this instructor so, the instructor can remain anonymous and can continue to become a blade of grass in a field of grass.


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