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Ubuntu Gardens is located in the beautiful North Umpqua valley of the wonderful state of Oregon. Ubuntu Gardens is a family farm situated on a beautiful 200-acre piece of paradise surrounded by National Forest which helps to really give a great sense of immersion into the primordial wilderness or nature in its most pure state of existence! We take pride in here creating a sanctuary for bears, mountain lions, bob cats, foxes, endangered western pond turtles, many rare birds such as blue herons, peregrine falcons, king fishers, spotted owls, bald eagles, etc….and also an abundance of plant medicine, old growth trees, and varieties ranging from oaks, ceders, maples, pine, fir, madrone, and chinkapin, many kinds of wild flowers, 13 known kinds of wild berries, an abundance of mushrooms, etc. Just down the road is the incredible North Umpqua River, flowing year round with such pristine waters they are clean enough to drink. We are also blessed with some of the most beautiful swimming holes the world has to offer which are as well excellent for rafting, kayaking, and fishing. There are at least 20 waterfalls within an hour's drive, and 2 within walking distance​. We are half an hour away from a very beautiful all natural hotspring, and just over an hour from the magnificent Crater Lake.



​Once inhabitied by the Native Umpqua Indians...this land came to be homsteaded in the early 20th centrury. Even to this day some of the original structures still remain. Then since 1982 the Ellis family have been the trusted guardians of this magnificent property and nature sanctuary. It was here on the land at Ubuntu Gardens that Michael and Karen Ellis raised their 3 sons...Karana (Akasha), Raman, and Shyama.

For the last 10 years Karana Ellis (Akasha) has been traveling around the world to over 30 countries working with and studying other cultures and intentional communities...gathering and distribuing rare organic seeds, promoting biodiversity,  encouraging people to start their own seed banks, and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. He has been coming back seasonally to the Ubuntu Gardens since 2008 to take advantage of the excellent farming season and the incomparable beauty the North Umpqua Valley has to offer.

"Anyone who comes here to visit us is usually so overwhelmed by the land, by the Nature, the solitude, the silence, and the beauty. This in turn has helped us to understand how much such a place can mean to people, thus encouraging us to realize that the time has come to open the door to the world….to share not only our beautiful land, but to make use of this spectacular classroom to help facilitate a space for people to grow as individuals and to learn practical and critical skills for helping themselves and the world."

- Karana Ellis (Akasha)


​​​​Here at Ubuntu Gardens we strive to find harmony within ourselves, our relations, and all of creation! It is our dream to facilitate a most conducive environment for people to come together to learn through experience, practical and empowering skills of how to work with one’s self,  each other, and this sacred Earth upon which we live. It is in this way of conscious living and sharing that we hope to play some small role in helping to co-create this new dream of an awakening global and cosmic consciousness. Here at Ubuntu Gardens we host and facilitate educational experiences with groups of people to exchange wisdom and knowledge, and practice putting it into use through living together in nature as we re-establish our connection to the land, learning from ancient and modern ways alike, welcoming masters and elders from around the world. In the spirit of Ubuntu, recognizing the reality of our intimatly interconnected nature, we work to empower ourselves realizing that to create peace and harmony within ourselves is to help to create peace and harmony in the world…especially by being conscious of our sacred nature and infinite potential.

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