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I f you have your own wheels, then you can take I-5 to Roseburg and go up Hwy 138 also known as Diamond Lake Blvd. In the direction of Diamond Lake and Crater Lake 28 miles…going through Glide and Idleyld Park until you get to just after the 28th-mile marker, and you turn left up Susan Creek Rd. From there just continue going up the gravel road for about a mile and a half until you reach a dead end at a green gate and we will be there on your right. Remember as you come up the road…whenever you come to a fork take the option that goes up and you will find us!. Safe travels and a happy journey!


Another option is if you are coming from the East like places such as Klamath Falls or Bend on Hwy. 97...then you turn onto Hwy. 138 going West in the direction of Roseburg past Crater Lake, Diamond Lake, Toketee hot springs and lots of beautiful waterfalls, along the North Umpqua don't be shy to stop and take in the beauty! After you pass the 29th-mile marker and just after passing Susan Creek Waterfall on your right... you will then take the very next right onto Susan Creek Rd.  Now heading up the gravel road for 1.5 miles remember to always take the road that goes up until you reach the dead end at the green gate.
¡Buen Viaje!

"When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds.  This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words."


~ Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people  

Just to warn you we are a bit out in the sticks, off the grid, in the tulies, jungle, rainforest, backcountry, badlands, etc...but well worth the effort to arrive...guaranteed! Located somewhere between the middle of nowhere and the center of the universe!


Flying in From Out of State or Overseas:


Portland International Airport (PDX)-4hrs away


San Francisco (SFO)-10hrs


Bend/Redmond(RDM)-3hrs and 30 min.

Now from the airport one option is to rent a car and arrange ahead of time to drop it off in Roseburg (the nearest larger town to Ubuntu Gardens…28 miles away).


Another option is the Amtrack train service which comes to Portland (4hrs), Eugene (2hrs), and Chemult (2hrs).
And the closest you can come by public transport is with the Greyhound bus to Roseburg…28 miles away.

We can possibly make arrangements to organize transport for you from any of the above-listed cities, but the best is if you can arrive on your own or otherwise if possible that you can arrive at least to Roseburg and we can pick you up there.


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