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Natural Building Internship

June 27th - July 13th, 2014
Come learn to build with all locally harvested and all natural materials...featuring whole logs, stone, and cob!

Learn the basics of creating a foundation, framing a home, how to peel logs, how to build with stone, how to make the perfect cob mixtures, how to best apply the cob, etc.

​​This summer, we are very excited to announce that we will be constructing a beautiful communal temple structure for ceramonies, lectures, yoga, and meditation. A large part of this fantastic struture will be made from cob, but since we have such an abundance of materials we will also be incorporating whole logs harvested from the land as well as some stone work from our local rock quarry.

We are very excited to have as our lead instructor for this course...cob master Becky Bee, the author of ´The Cob Builders Handbook´.



















*All building experience levels are welcome! It is not necessary to have had prior experience with building in general or cob building  in particular to be able to attend this Natural Building Internship.

Come join us, and take advantage of this great opportunity...learn from first hand experience...get your hands dirty and walk away feeling like you too one day could build your own all natural home!

*The cost for this two week Natural Building Intership including all meals and accomodation is $1,300.

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