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Taoist Inner Alchemy
  Intensive Instructor/Student Three-Week Workshop Training Series
September 8th - 26th, 2014

​This course will be taught by Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor Jon Ashley Weston, otherwise known as The Professor-Master of Nothingness. The Professor lives both here in Oregon and in Thailand at the beautiful co-founded Tao Garden. The Professor has been a practitioner of the Tao for over 30 years now...working in close collaboration with Master Mantak Chia as his senior editor and consultant.








Inner Alchemy:

In order to attain this highly evolved state of experience and being, the state of existence beyond the restrictions of time and space—immortality—Taoist practitioners strived to discover what was missing and needed. They recognized that they needed to change the conditions and qualities of their normal everyday physical life. Master Mantak Chia’s lineage of Taoists, the ‘Inner-Alchemy-Just-Practice Taoists,’ learned to change the quality of their inner state of energy in order to more effectively access the original quality of energy, primordial chi, that all of existence is derived from. This begins with the simple process of transforming the normal negative emotional energies in the vital organs into the positive qualities. This changes the pH balance between the acidic and alkaline states, producing a more favorable quality of body chemistry, hormone balance, etc. This is part of a highly refined process of inner change in the inner state and quality of one’s being—inner alchemy—which evolves to higher levels of refinement and experience stage by stage by the individual practitioner. Many practices combine to achieve the desired results. Therefore, we have Master Chia’s “Nine Tao Alchemy Formulas of the Immortal Self.” Herein, ‘Tao Alchemy’ refers to the practices that collectively bring about important qualitative improvements in all aspects—physical, energetic, mental and spiritual—within each practitioner’s life, culminating in the nameless TAO!

Course Descriptions:​

Taoist Inner Alchemy

Universal Healing Advanced Level Workshop:


​During this three-week intensive workshop, you will gain a deep insight into the ​background and explanation of the Tao and Universal Healing Tao System...You will learn the Cosmic Inner Smile technique which teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling on them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy. You will also learn the wonderful Chi Self Massage which is a method for one to freely move vital blocked energy (Chi) through the body creating self-healing, inner balance, and longevity. Other basic workshop practices include the Six Healing Sounds which helps to cool down the body releasing excess heat, cleans toxins out of the organs, and transforms negative emotions into positive emotions. Each healing sound relates to a vital organ, a color, a body posture, and two particular emotions. We will also learn the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation which is the ancient foundation for healing by awakening and opening the body centers, and drawing the Universal, Cosmic, and Earth Forces from the Six Directions into the body. The students will learn to activate the Three Fires (Tan Tiens) circulating this Life Force Energy (Chi) as it will be passed through their body channels. We will go over the Iron Shirt Chi Kung technique which consists of 5 Standing Postures teaching the student the ability to "Root" to the earth strengthening the tendons, muscles, bones and organs. The student will learn to use breathing techniques to increase and "Pack" Chi in the fascia (connective tissue) creating a Chi Belt. The result is increased stamina and the body's ability to fight disease and protect the organs from injury. Additionally we will also cover the Healing Love Practice which is an ancient Taoist technique which helps to conserve & to transform Sexual Energy while invigorating and rejuvenating the body's vital functions.

This Workshop is NCCAOM approved for their CEU's Course Credits

Weekly cost including tuition, accommodation, and delicious fresh organic vegetarian meals is $999...or get one week free if you attend the entire three-week course for only $1,999.
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